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TheraGear Staff
Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

Pros & Cons using a Swiss Exercise Ball as a Chair

Article #108


Energy level. It has been proven that staying in one position, will make you more tired, while moving around and being active with give you more energy. With an exercise ball as a chair, you will feel much more energized after you finish your work.

You are always in motion, even when sitting. The exercise ball keeps you moving, whether it be rocking and adjusting position, or bouncing. Yes, you heard that right. Many people bounce slightly on a ball while at the office. Much of this is done subconsciously.

You spend more time on your feet. Keeping yourself on the exercise ball isnít difficult, but it isnít effortless, either. As a result, you find that you often hop to your feet during the day. With a traditional chair, it is easy to just kick back in the chair, and stay there.

It helps your core. It certainly doesnít feel like youíve been doing situps after using the ball, but you do notice a very slight difference.

Causes you to frequently change positions. An exercise ball causes to you to change your position often to balance. For example, if you turn 45 degrees to face the phone, your body will assume a new position. This helps reduce damage caused by prolonged sitting in the same position.

Last but not least they are fun. Who doesnít like the idea of bouncing around on an exercise ball all day. Exercise balls are an exciting alternative to office chairs.


Here are a few of the negatives some people have noticed:

Uncomfortable backside. After sitting on the ball for extended periods, the backside sometimes becomes sore. That goes away, though, once you are on your feet for a few minutes.

Incompatible with much furniture. Find the right size exercise ball for the length of your legs, but sometimes you may sit higher up than with your office chair. As a result, people find that the crane their neck more when reading what is on the desk. You should also raise your computer monitor to get it at eye level.

Rolls Away. In an ideal world, youíd have a flat floor and your exercise ball would stay put when you left it. Most office floor arenít perfectly level, so the ball rolls away when you get up.

Reasons Not To Use An Exercise Ball Chair as Your Office Chair
Frequent bouts of dizziness, vertigo or Meniereís disease. Other reasons include if youíre pregnant or if you're sick with the flu. If you have a spinal disease, including degenerative changes in the spine (which most of us get as we age), speak with your doctor before trying the exercise ball chair.


Fitness is at your fingertips. Another great thing about using this alternative to a chair, is that you can do stretches or mini-workouts whenever you want, without getting up. If youíve ever stuck waiting for a minute or two, you can make productive use of that time with a quick workout or stretch. Because itís much more convenient, you will probably do it more, thus resulting in better health.

Many people fatigue quickly and then they slump or change their posture to one which is not as good for the spine. At this time, they need to switch to a chair that offers them good back support until their muscles are no longer fatigued and then they can switch back to the ball.

Donít over inflate the ball. The exercise ball comes with an elastic tape, that is temporarily fastened around the ball when you inflate it, so that you use the proper amount of air. Iíd suggest that you first under inflate the ball slightly, and then measure again with the tape a day or two later, after the tape has returned to normal size.

Clear the ball with your employer before you bring it to the office.

Stabilizer rings can keep your ball from rolling.

Keep your office chair so that you can alternate sitting on the ball and in the chair for best comfort.